2021 Chicago Walk4Hearing

Team Bailey

Hello Everyone,

  I wanted to do this walk to help raise money for Hearing Loss. As many of you know Bailey was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in 2011. I was at a lost of how to help her. Through alot of internet research we are finding our way. We still have alot to learn. Since she started wearing her hearing aids. The world has opened up for Bailey. She is more out going and starting to realize that she can be whatever she wants to be. That her hearing loss will not hold her back. She gets speech therapy & hearing therapy through school and privately. She has great speech & hearing professionals. She is a Freshman at Lake Central High School in St. John, IN. She takes dance class at Patti's All American. Bailey is also running Cross Country for Lake Central and is doing so good. We are so proud of her. Please join us either to walk or donate so we can help out Bailey. So she can have all the resources she needs to hear better.

I’ve joined the Walk4Hearing as a team captain to bring attention to hearing loss and promote the importance of hearing health. The Walk4Hearing is a memorable event that raises funds, increases awareness, and celebrates the community. Register to walk with my team and show your support for people across the country who understand what it’s like to live with hearing loss. No one should have to be on this journey alone.

Let’s Hear Now and Be Well Together.
One in seven Americans experience some form of hearing loss. To keep hearing well, communicating, and staying healthy, the Walk4Hearing calls on all of us to take action.

Join the Walk4Hearing and share these five tips with people you care about:

  • Get regular hearing screenings, especially if you think your hearing has changed.
  • Protect your ears from excessive noise.
  • If you or someone you know could benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other technologies – go for it!
  • Speak up! Ask your friends and those working at your favorite businesses or restaurants, to provide accessible communication.
  • Stay active, eat right, communicate, and talk to a professional if you’re not feeling like yourself and be well – it’s what makes the WHOLE YOU!

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference!

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