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Team Adeline

Welcome to Team Adeline's Page!

WE ARE BACK for another year participating in the Walk for Hearing - this year marks our 8th YEAR WALKING!!

It's our mission to help Adeline understand that she can do anything she wants, regardless of the cute little pink devices she wears behind her ears. We tell Adeline all the time: just because you wear hearing aids doesn’t mean you can’t do something - you might have to do it differently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. 

Please visit our pages - Kristen & Joe's, to read our personal stories we share about our journey and if it's within your means, please consider donating. 
By donating to "Team Adeline", you're helping with the crusade with educating people about this disability and you're also helping people just like Adeline. 

Thanks for visiting our team page and if you haven’t read our story, please keep reading below. We’re committed to helping raise awareness and for helping kids just like our precious gift, Adeline.

Our story:

Adeline was born with a moderate-severe hearing loss in both of her ears and received her hearing aids before she was 8 months old. When we first learned of Adeline's hearing loss, we felt so many different emotions, many of which we continue to "manage" on a daily basis.

Our connection to Summit Speech School still continues to this day, even though Adeline no longer receives services since she is now 9 ½ years old. The dedicated staff at this institution has helped educate, empower, and even wipe tears, throughout our journey. I am not sure where we would be now if it weren't for them.

It was a rough start with our school district: Adeline was not found eligible to receive services that she was entitled to. "How can I child who has a hearing loss be denied services? What are we going to do?" Those were questions Joe and I were asking ourselves - almost daily. We turned to our friends as Summit Speech School for their expert advice and support. Shortly after the start of 2016, Adeline was finally found eligible to receive services and we were able to sigh, with a big relief, that “we are back on track”! From the very beginning, we approached this challenge as an opportunity with the school district, (although there were many times we didn’t think we going to be able to keep pushing). Since Adeline is the first child to ever enter our school district with a hearing loss, we look at our journey to help educate the school and people that work with Adeline every day and will hopefully help pave the path for future children with hearing loss.

January 2020 was a big month for us - we took Adeline into NYC to the American Girl Doll store. For years, I dodged the request: "Mom, I'd like to get an American Girl doll"..."no way" I thought to myself. I mean, I couldn't justify spending THAT much money on a doll. BUT, when January rolled around and AG announced their "girl of the year" doll, Joe and I knew this was the time. "Joss", is a surfer and a competitive cheerleader, and, she's also deaf in her right ear and wears an adorable blue hearing aid. When Adeline found this out, she was happy there was a doll out there that was "kinda like me".

As a parent of a child that's a "little bit different", even though they may seem "normal", it makes you realize how something like this can make such a difference. The expression on Adeline's face when she walked up to the display in the store and saw Joss with that adorable blue hearing aid, was priceless. A doll that's "kinda like me". This was huge. HUGE. I can't tell you what it was like to walk into a mainstream retailer and see something that represents your child. When we got home later that day, Adeline was able to take the accessories out and put Joss' hearing aid in. At that moment, Adeline started to cry. Tears of happiness, being overwhelmed with the experience, and feeling a connection to something that's "kinda like me". Huge, I tell you, HUGE.

By donating to "Team Adeline", you're helping with the crusade with educating people about this disability and you're also helping people just like Adeline. 

Adeline is an amazing child...she loves school, enjoys playing soccer, can't wait for dance class, swimming, and enjoys, (but not ALL the time), the challenge of being a stronger speller and reader. Her speech and language development continue to amaze Joe and I - on a daily basis.

We are tremendously blessed to have such a beautiful gift!

Thank you for visiting our page and reading our story and for your gift!

Kristen, Joe, & Adeline


It’s a Team Effort

I’ve joined the Walk4Hearing as a team captain to bring attention to hearing loss and promote the importance of hearing health. The Walk4Hearing is a memorable event that raises funds, increases awareness, and celebrates the community. Register to walk with my team and show your support for people across the country who understand what it’s like to live with hearing loss. No one should have to be on this journey alone.

Let’s Hear Now and Be Well Together.
One in seven Americans experience some form of hearing loss. To keep hearing well, communicating, and staying healthy, the Walk4Hearing calls on all of us to take action.

Join the Walk4Hearing and share these five tips with people you care about:

  • Get regular hearing screenings, especially if you think your hearing has changed.
  • Protect your ears from excessive noise.
  • If you or someone you know could benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other technologies – go for it!
  • Speak up! Ask your friends and those working at your favorite businesses or restaurants, to provide accessible communication.
  • Stay active, eat right, communicate, and talk to a professional if you’re not feeling like yourself and be well – it’s what makes the WHOLE YOU!

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference!

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