2023 Connecticut Walk4Hearing

Team Eastern CT Chapter HLAA

HLAA Eastern CT Chapter is a movement dedicated to change the way the world thinks about people with hearing loss, and to change the way people with hearing loss think about themselves.  HLAA Eastern CT Chapter will accomplish this mission by:

EDUCATING those with hearing difficulties: (A) about how to better cope with those difficulties; (B) about different communication strategies that will help them better understand what is being said by people around them; and (C) about the latest technological and medical innovations which may assist them with their hearing difficulties;

EDUCATING the public: (A) about the special needs of those with hearing difficulties; and (B) how to communicate with a person with hearing difficulties;

ADVOCATING:  (A) for the rights of those with hearing difficulties to gain equal access to all forms of communication and media; (B) for the issues which affect those who have hearing difficulties so that they may enjoy a better quality of life; and (C) for issues which address the special needs of those with hearing difficulties;

And  PROVIDING FELLOWSHIP AND UNDERSTANDING  among people with hearing difficulties so as to promote self-confidence, self-esteem and empower individuals with hearing difficulties with skills to improve their own lives through SELF HELP.

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