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To extend our reach into local communities, Walk4Hearing partners with HLAA Chapters, State Organizations, and other nonprofits who share our commitment to hearing health and supporting people with hearing loss. Learn more about the Alliance Program and how to get involved. Below, you will discover partnering organizations who joined Florida Walk4Hearing.

  • Acoustic Neuroma Association
  • American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association
  • Ava’s Voice
  • Dogs for Better Lives
  • Ear Community
  • Global Alliance Speech-to-Text
  • Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Aid Project
  • Hearing Health Foundation
  • Hearing Hope Foundation
  • Help America Hear
  • Miracle-Ear Foundation
  • National CMV Foundation
  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf
  • Olive Osmond Hearing Fund
  • Sertoma
  • The CARE Project
  • Usher Syndrome Coalition