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It’s time to talk about hearing health!

Awareness about the importance of hearing health is growing. Protect and empower yourself by learning more. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t Wait

Request a hearing screening from your doctor. Book an appointment with an audiologist for a thorough hearing test. Treat hearing loss as soon as possible.

Speak Up

Have trouble following conversations? Ask the speaker to slow down, repeat, and face you when talking.

Say Yes to Technology

Hearing aids or cochlear implants can enhance your hearing. Explore assistive technologies like a flashing doorbell, captioned telephone, or Bluetooth capabilities for an improved daily life. 

Boost Your Spirit

Find a community to help you navigate the challenges of hearing loss. Visit an HLAA Chapter in your area or join the HLAA Official Community & Support Group.

Hearing Protection

Turn down the volume, give your ears rest time, and use earplugs in loud settings to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.