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Stories that Inspire- Keegan's Team

Team Keegan Walk 4 Hearing group picture

Members from Team Keegan getting ready for the event

Keegan’s team, Keegan’s Super "Hear”oes participated at the Connecticut Walk for seven years, raising $19,000. When he was newly diagnosed, Jennifer and her family heard about the Walk from Keegan’s audiologist; they knew they had to be there. “Personally, we didn’t know anyone with similar experiences. We wanted to join the Walk to meet other families and show Keegan that he’s not alone in this experience,” says Jennifer.

At the age of two, Keegan was diagnosed with mild single-sided hearing loss when his primary doctor tested him with an Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) test. Then they visited an audiologist to confirm the diagnosis with a hearing test and were outfitted with adorable red hearing aids. When Keegan went to his audiology check-up a year later, his hearing became profound, and underwent cochlear implantation surgery.

Team Keegan posing next to the Walk 4 Hearing balloons

As a family, they advocated for and found ways to help him gain access to sound. Keegan is active in scouting, skiing, soccer, and music – he never lets his hearing loss hold him back.


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